Canadian Forces Search & Rescue Demo

The Canadian Forces represents a large part of Canada’s search & rescue response. Together with other federal and provincial agencies they are responsible for more than 15 million square kilometers including populated, remote and maritime areas.

At the Abbotsford International Airshow, Canadian Forces aircraft and personnel including the CH-149 Cormorant, CH-148 Cyclone, and specially-trained SAR Technicians will demonstrate their robust capability to respond to those in need in the harshest conditions.

The CH-149 Cormorant is a long-range helicopter dedicated to search and rescue operations. It can operate in extreme weather conditions, making it ideal for Canada’s challenging geography and climate. The Cormorant can carry up to 12 stretchers or a load of 5,000 kilograms. Its advanced systems provide a stable hover for critical hoisting operations. It has helped rescue mountain climbers, lost hikers, ship crews and may other in need.

The Canadian Forces’ newest helicopter, the CH-148 Cyclone is one of the most capable maritime helicopters in the world. It is Canada’s main ship-borne maritime helicopter, providing air support to the Royal Canadian Navy. The Cyclone can be used for surface and sub-surface surveillance, search and rescue missions, tactical transport and more. With an advanced avionics and electronic suite, it can operate during the day or night and in most weather conditions to support missions in Canada and around the world.