STEM Activities

S.T.E.M. integrates Science & Technology, through Engineering, & Mathematics to teach youth how to think critically and use technology to solve problems in innovative and imaginative ways. The principles of S.T.E.M. are foundational to the world of aviation and aerospace, where technology and human ingenuity have combined to achieve some of our greatest accomplishments – powered flight, jet propulsion, and even space travel. Get inspired and creative with this collection of S.T.E.M. activities, experiments, and interactive media for all ages from organizations including Science World, Boeing, NASA, SpaceX, the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum and many more!

Fun for Kids (Grades K-4)

4 Forces of Flight Game

Learn how the Four Forces of Flight make airplanes fly with this fun video.

NASA Activity Book

Download this printable colouring & activity book. Work puzzles and learn new words about NASA’s Commercial Crew Program.
Printable PDF

Space Tech Fun Pad

Enjoy space-themed puzzles and activities with this fun, S.T.E.A.M. activity book.
Printable PDF

Space Station Emoji Math

Have fun with math and reasoning skills by solving these emoji puzzles.
Printable Worksheet

Build a Straw Rocket

Build a paper rocket and test it with a drinking straw launcher!

Build a Paper Airplane

Choose your airplane style, a design and insignia, and then print, make and fly it!
Build Site

Explore Mars

Command the Mars Rover to explore the surface of Mars and gather scientific research data! (Gr. K-4)
Online Game

Learn & Build (Grades 5-9 & up)

Conair Virtual Hangar

For more than 50 years, Conair has provided aerial firefighting support around the world. Explore their global fleet and learn more about the unique and exciting world of aerial firefighting.
Enter the Hangar

Four Forces of Flight

Learn about the four forces involved in flight: Lift, Gravity (Weight), Thrust & Drag. Watch as flight instructor Jason Miller explain theses basic principles to his own daughter.
Lesson | Video

Ping Pong Ball Funnel Challenge

To help understand the principles of LIFT, try this simple challenge at home with a ping pong ball & a standard funnel.

Build a Paper Airplane

Recalling the Four Forces of Flight, test different paper airplane designs to see how they fly differently.
Fold ‘N Fly

Magnificent Flying Machines

Learn how airplanes control their flight by building your own glider with control surfaces.
Instructions & Template

Challenges of Flight

Learn about the challenges of building modern airliners from Boeing engineers, including the physics of flight and real-world limitations.
Interactive Website

100 Years of Air Passenger Travel

Immerse yourself in five infographic illustrated scenes, each depicting an era of passenger flight.
Interactive Website

Engineer a Jetliner

Experience the engineering design process as an aerospace engineer assigned to design and test a modern jet airplane.
Interactive Website

Build a Space Lander

Help your marshmallow astronauts land safely by building a landing spacecraft from household items.
Instructions | Video

Build a Stomp Rocket

Build a paper rocket capable of carrying a ping pong ball and test it with a PVC pipe launcher! (Elementary)
Instructions | Video

Space Smells Like Burnt Steak

Canadian astronaut Cmdr. Chris Hadfield de-bunks common myths about space, NASA, and even time travel!

Design Innovation: The Swept Wing

Discover the secret origins of the swept wing design for airplanes and its critical advantages to modern jet flight.

Build a Long Spanning Wing

Build a long wing that can support its own weight over a span of at least two feet.
Instructions | Video

Engineer an Airfoil

Build an airfoil (wing) out of at-home materials that can generate lift from a fan while carrying weight.
Instructions | Video

Stealth: Flying Invisible

Learn the origins and engineering behind “stealth” aircraft such as the F-117 Nighthawk and F-22 Raptor and how they avoid radar detection.

Build a Communication Network

Plan and build a network to send communication signals in multiple directions to multiple people.
Instructions | Video

Cockpit 360

Explore the cockpits of the Erickson Aircraft Collection’s historic warbirds in 360-degree virtual reality.

Engineering the Wright Way

Enter the Wrights’ workshop and try your hand at the tools and tests that led the Wrights from bicycle manufacturing to building an airplane. (Gr. 5-9)
Online Game

SpaceX Docking Simulator

Carefully dock the SpaceX Dragon II with the International Space Station. (Gr. 8-12)
Online Game

GeoFS Flight Simulator

A realistic, free online flight simulator. Choose your aircraft and get flying. Joystick compatible, but not required. (Gr. 8-12)
Flight Simulator