Please see below for answers to the most commonly asked questions.  For more information, please contact us at [email protected]

COVID-19: Will there be an Airshow this year?

We are planning on it!

We are currently in discussions with government and health authorities about a suitable event format that will allow us to bring you the excitement of the Abbotsford Airshow in a safe and responsible manner. We will announce details of an approved format as soon as they are available.

COVID-19: Can I get a refund on my 2020 ticket?

All 2020 ticket holders were notified of the event cancellation by email and offered the option of keeping their tickets for the 2021 Airshow or requesting a refund by May 31, 2020. If you did not request a refund by the deadline, your ticket(s) will be valid at the 2021 Airshow.

All details of your ticket will remain the same, including the show day (for day-specific tickets) and any reserved seating selections.

COVID-19: Can I keep my 2020 ticket to use at the 2021 Airshow?

Yes. No action is required on your part. Your 2020 ticket will automatically be valid for the 2021 Airshow.

All details of your ticket will remain the same, including the show day (for day-specific tickets) and any reserved seating selections.

COVID-19: Will the 2021 Performers be the same as announced for 2020?

At this time, we expect most or all of our 2020 performers to be the same for 2021, however some changes may be neccessary.

COVID-19: Will Camping Passes also be honoured in 2021?

Yes. The same ticket policy as stated above applies to campground passes.

I have a gift certificate for the 2020 event. Will it be honoured in 2021?

Yes. All 2020 Gift Certificates will be honoured at the 2021 event.

When is the Abbotsford International Airshow?

The Abbotsford International Airshow is held the 2nd weekend of August each year.

  • The 2021 Abbotsford Airshow dates are August 6, 7 & 8

What time does the Airshow start?

  • The Airshow Grounds are open to the public during the following hours:
    • Friday: 3:00PM to 10:30PM
    • Saturday & Sunday: 9:00AM to 5:30PM
  • Last entry to the Airshow is 2 hours before gates close (8:30PM Friday / 3:30PM Saturday & Sunday).
  • For more information, please see our Schedule of Events

Where can I buy tickets?

  • Discount tickets can be purchased online HERE.
  • Beginning July 1, discount General Admission tickets can be purchased at Lower Mainland Save-on-Foods locations (including single-day General Admission tickets, Family Passes, Carload Passes, and Parking Passes.)
  • Full priced tickets are available at the Airshow gates.

How much is parking?

  • Onsite parking is $10 per vehicle for all General Admission patrons.
  • Parking fees offset significant event traffic and parking management costs.
  • For patrons of Chalets, Business Lounges, and Nikon Photo Experience, parking is included in your ticket price. Family Passes and Carload Passes also include parking for one (1) vehicle.

Are Children free?

  • There is no General Admission charge for Children aged 5 and under.
  • Youth ages 6-17 receive a discounted General Admission rate.
  • Upgraded seating venues (including the President’s Club, Nikon Photo Experience, Family Club, Runway Seating, Corporate Chalets, and Business Lounges) require a ticket for anyone ages 3 and up. Children 2 and under do not require a ticket for these venues but must be held on an adult’s lap (no seat provided).

Are active and retired military free?

  • There is no General Admission charge for active and retired military members of Canada or her Allies.
  • No ticket is required. Please show valid photo military or veterans ID at the gate for entry.
  • Additional family members or occupants of the vehicle require a valid ticket for entry.

Which acts are performing each day?

  • Most Airshow acts perform during both Saturday and Sunday shows. The Friday Twilight Show features a shortened flying events program and not all acts will perform.
  • Please see the Schedule of Events or download the FREE Abbotsford Airshow App for more details.
  • Please note all airshow acts are subject to change or cancellation without notice.

Is there seating available?

  • The General Admission area consists of a grass infield. A folding chair or blanket to sit on is recommended.
  • Upgraded venues offer seating including President’s Club, Nikon Photo Experience, Flight Club, Family Club, and Runway Seating.
  • For full details on upgrade options, please visit our Tickets page.

Is there shade available?

  • Several upgraded venues offer shade under Chalet tents and/or umbrellas including President’s Club, Nikon Photo Experience, Flight Club, and Family Club. For full details on these upgrade options, please visit our Tickets page.
  • The General Admission area consists of an open-air grass infield. A hat and sunscreen are highly recommended.
  • Low-level sun-shelters for children or small umbrellas are permitted as long as they do not create a visual obstruction for others.  Please be courteous to those around you. The Airshow reserves the right to remove large umbrellas/tents.

Can I camp at the Airshow?

  • Yes! The Cabela’s Airshow Campground is located at the North end of the airfield and offers camping at a nightly or full-weekend rate.
  • For full details on camping, please visit the Campground page.

Can I watch the Airshow from my car in the parking lot?

No. For safety and security reasons, you must leave your vehicle and view the show from inside the Airshow grounds.

What methods of payment are available at the Airshow?

  • All Main Entrance gates and seating venues accept:
    • Cash
    • Interac/Debit
    • VISA, MasterCard, and American Express
  • Most concessions accept cash, debit and major credit cards (may vary)
  • Beer Tents accept cash only.
  • Several ATMs are available onsite around the Airshow grounds.

Do you accept US cash?

  • Yes, US cash is accepted at par
  • $1USD = $1CAD

What amenities & services are available at the Airshow?

  • Water bottle fill stations
  • Food Trucks & Concessions of all varieties
  • Beer Tents – no outside alcohol permitted
  • Food Trucks
  • Souvenir and Gift Kiosks
  • Cash ATMs
  • “People-Mover” shuttles MAP
  • Washrooms
  • Information Services/Lost and Found
  • Autograph Booth
  • First Aid Attendants
  • Kids Zone adventure playground

Is the Airshow accessible for the disabled?

  • Yes. A limited quantity of designated parking is available for those with a valid Disability Parking Permit.
  • The general admission area consists of hard packed ground with paved access roads making it accessible for wheelchairs; however, the ground is uneven in some areas, so caution is advised.
  • A disabled seating area is available near Chalet Row including accessible washroom facilities.
  • The Abbotsford International Airshow is a member of the ‘Access2’ program offering complimentary general admission for a support person accompanying a person with a disability. For eligibility and details please see:

Are outside food & beverages permitted?

Yes, BUT due to safety, security and event licencing requirements, the following conditions apply:

  • No hard-sided or wheeled coolers are permitted. Soft-sided shoulder bags are ok. All bags are subject to search upon entry.
  • No loose ice permitted in soft coolers. Ice packs are ok. This is to facilitate the search of bags. Loose ice will be removed during search.
  • No outside alcohol is permitted. Outside alcohol will be confiscated and your ticket will be revoked without refund.
  • All outside beverages must be factory-sealed.  Non-sealed beverages will be confiscated or poured out at the entrance.
  • Empty, refillable water bottles are permitted. Fill stations are located onsite.
  • Cooking equipment (eg. BBQs, portable stoves) are not permitted in the event grounds (Campground ok)

Why can't I bring a hard-sided cooler or loose ice?

These restrictions are in place for safety reasons to facilitate an efficient search by event security personnel.

What should I bring to the Airshow?

  • Sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat
  • An (empty) refillable water bottle – free fill stations are available
  • Folding chair and/or blanket – or upgrade your ticket to an upgraded venue with seating
  • Earplugs – Parents, please ensure appropriate ear protection is provided for children of all ages

What should I NOT bring to the Airshow?

Please note all bags and belongings are subject to search upon entry to the Airshow. The Airshow reserves the right to deny admission to any patron found in possession of restricted items.

  • Pets. Due to heat and noise, animals are not permitted on the Airshow grounds including in vehicles in the parking lot. Abbotsford Police may forcibly enter any vehicle found with an animal inside. The Abbotsford Airshow accepts no responsibility for damage to vehicles to remove animals for safety reasons.
  • Alcohol. All bags are subject to search upon entry. Any outside alcohol will be confiscated and your ticket will be revoked without refund.
  • Smoking (including Cannabis) is prohibited everywhere on the Airshow grounds due to extreme fire hazard. The only permitted place to smoke is inside of your vehicle (with an ashtray). Anyone caught smoking outside of their vehicle will have their ticket revoked without refund.
  • Hard-sided coolers – you will be asked to return these to your vehicle. Soft-sided bags are ok.
  • Tents and Patio umbrellas – low-level sun-shelters for children are permitted as long as they do not create a visual obstruction for other patrons. Please be courteous to those around you. The Airshow reserves the right to remove large umbrellas/tents.
  • Drones – the use of drones is prohibited by law within 5.5 km of the Abbotsford Airport. Violators are subject to up to $25,000 in fines and/or jail time. For more information on Drone Safety, please see Transport Canada’s website.
  • Weapons of any kind – including knives. We hope this goes without saying.

Why can't I bring my pet?

This restriction is in place for several reasons. The Airshow can be extremely hot and is very loud, both of which can be unsafe for animals. The Airshow’s event licencing conditions on an active airport also prohibits non-service animals from the site.

What if it rains?

  • The Abbotsford Airshow has never had to cancel an entire show day due to weather
  • In the event of inclement weather, certain flying events could be modified or canceled for safety reasons.  Please note that Airshow tickets are not refundable based on acts being modified or cancelled.
  • If an entire show day were to be canceled, Airshow staff would make this decision early in the morning before the show starts and publicize the cancellation via our social media platforms, along with subsequent instructions for ticket holders.

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