Business Hospitality at the Airshow

Entertain and impress your clients, employees, family and friends in the comfort of our premium hospitality venues. Enjoy front row views of spectacular aerobatic performances, private hosting space, and access to premium amenities. The Airshow offers two levels of Business Hospitality venue to choose from:

Corporate Chalets (SOLD OUT)

First Class Hospitality – Our fully furnished Corporate Chalets feature an interior lounge and bar coupled with a beautiful garden patio exterior with umbrellas to create the perfect private viewing area along the front show line. Premium amenities include VIP event entrance, VIP parking area, and executive washroom facilities. Premium catering, host beverages and furnishing upgrades are all available at an additional cost.

Business Lounges (SOLD OUT)

Upgrade Your Guests to Business Class – Our Business Lounges offer comfortable and intimate hosting spaces for smaller businesses and groups. Business Lounges feature a lightly-furnished shaded tent and a mix of patio tables with umbrellas and theatre style seating. Amenities include event entrance & parking for guests, private bar and washrooms, and an included catered BBQ buffet. Host beverage services are also available at an additional cost.

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