Thunderbirds Schedule 2022 Includes a Stop at Abbotsford International Airshow

April 26, 2022

The Thunderbirds Air Show always draws a lot of folks from all over, and it’s no wonder. This long-standing team from the United States is known for their airborne feats as they entertain people of all ages. But, of course, they’re a top performer no matter where they go, and here is where you can catch them in Canada and the United States this summer. 

Abbotsford International Airshow

The Abbotsford International Airshow — happening August 5-7 and celebrating its 60th year, has lots of top acts that folks rely on seeing each year, and not all of the flyers are from Canada. The Thunderbirds are always a favorite aerial team each year. Of course, the best place to see the Thunderbirds Air Show is in Abbotsford, but there are other locations throughout the United States to catch their high-flying stunts. We are the only show they have in Canada this year, so save the dates to be able to see them perform!

Thunderbirds Schedule 2022

  • May 14-15: Fairchild Air Force Base (Washington)
  • May 21-22: Dover Air Force Base (Delaware)
  • May 25: Colorado Springs (Colorado)
  • May 29: Indianapolis Motor Speedway (Indiana)
  • June 4-5: Fort Wayne (Indiana)
  • June 11-12: Ocean City (Maryland) 
  • June 18-19: Grand Forks AFB (North Dakota)
  • June 25-26: Hill AFB (Utah)
  • July 2-3: Battle Creek (Michigan)
  • July 16-17: Duluth (Minnesota) 
  • July 23-24: Great Falls (Montana) 
  • July 27: Cheyenne (Wyoming) 
  • July 30-31: JB Elmendorf-Richardson (Alaska)
  • August 6-7: Abbotsford, Canada 
  • August 20-21: McMinnville (Oregon) 
  • August 24: Atlantic City (New Jersey)
  • August 27-28: Avoca (Pennsylvania)
  • September 3-4: New Century (Kansas)
  • September 10-11: New Windsor (New York)
  • September 17-18: JB Andrews (Maryland)
  • September 24-25: McConnell AFB (Kansas)

FAQ About the Thunderbirds Air Show

How fast do the Thunderbirds fly?

They can fly over 700 miles per hour (over 1100 km per hour) and get as low as 100 feet from the ground during some maneuvers.

How many maneuvers do the pilots fly during a Thunderbirds show? 

The pilots will do an average of 30 different maneuvers during each show. These spectacular routines require a lot of practice to perfect.

When did the Thunderbirds start?

The official starting date of the Thunderbirds was on June 1, 1953. They’ve been going strong ever since and have never missed a show due to equipment malfunction.

What are some events that the Thunderbirds were a part of?

The Thunderbirds have entertained folks in some very historical events. For example, in 1986, they flew during the rededication of the Statue of Liberty, and in July 1996, they participated in the opening ceremonies of the Olympics in Georgia. They’ve also opened several NASCAR races and have been all over the world, including Europe, Korea, Guam, and Australia.