RCAF CC-130H Hercules

The C-130H Hercules is used by the RCAF for a variety of missions including search and rescue, transport missions, and aerial refueling. The H-Model Herc has a range of more than 7,200 kilometres and can transport 80 passengers, operate on short unpaved runways and fly in severe weather conditions. These capabilities make the CC-130H a flexible platform to carry out its varied mission set.

An RCAF C-130H Hercules from 435 Transport and Rescue Squadron in Winnipeg, MB will simulate the air-to-air refueling of the CF-18 Hornet using its hose and drogue chute. Aerial refueling is a critical capability for air forces, allowing mission aircraft to remain airborne for indefinite periods over strategic areas. Refueling in mid-air takes extremely smooth and precise flying from both the tanker and the receiving aircraft