Precision Exotics

Get ready to ignite your passion for high-performance machines at the Abbotsford International Airshow as we proudly introduce the exciting world of Precision Exotics. As a one-of-a-kind experience that marries the heart-pounding excitement of exotic cars with the adrenaline-pumping spectacle of high-flying aircraft, Precision Exotics is the ultimate playground for every sportscar and aviation enthusiast. 

Discover Your Inner Racing Spirit with Legendary Supercars

Prepare to be blown away as you face some of the most legendary supercars ever built, from sleek Lamborghinis to powerful Ferraris. At Precision Exotics, you’ll have the chance to get behind the wheel and experience the raw power of these high-performance beasts. Feel your heart race as you push these supercars past the 160 mph mark, all under the watchful eye of a professional driving instructor who’ll guide you in unlocking the vehicle’s full potential. If you’d rather sit back and enjoy the ride, hop into the passenger seat and let one of our expert instructors take you on a thrilling journey.

Immerse Yourself in a High-Octane Adventure

Precision Exotics isn’t just for gearheads – it’s a heart-stopping, adrenaline-infused experience that will leave you craving more. As a proud member of the International Council of AirShows (ICAS), Precision Exotics brings the excitement of airshows to a whole new level by combining it with the world of exotic cars. Capture unforgettable moments with your friends and family as you snap photos in and around these stunning vehicles, and get up close and personal with some of the most awe-inspiring aircraft on the planet.

Join the Action at Abbotsford International Airshow

Take advantage of the chance to witness the unparalleled excitement of Precision Exotics at this year’s Abbotsford International Airshow. Ensure you bring your driver’s license and proof of full coverage auto insurance if you plan to participate in the driving experiences. Head to the operations desk to get started on your unforgettable adventure.

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