Bob Carlton

An Air Show Legend

Bob Carlton began flying in 1979 and has since logged over 2000 hours in a wide variety of aircraft including hang gliders, aerobatic airplanes, helicopters, and sailplanes from hundreds of sites around the world. Bob has flown on the air show circuit for more than three decades and is one of the industry’s most recognized performers, receiving the 2017 Art Scholl Memorial Showmanship Award, 2015 Bill Barber Award for Showmanship and the 2015 Soaring Society of America’s Chairman’s Award.

Bob is one of the most versatile airshow performers in North America. He began flying airshows in his Salto sailplane, and over the years has continued to add innovative performances such as barnstormin’ biplane aerobatics, helicopter sailplane tow, night aerobatics with strobes & pyro and twin jet sailplanes. The tradition of innovation continues with the recent addition of the FoxJet twin engine jet sailplane, with more power, more speed and more aerobatic capability than any other sailplane on the planet! Why two jet engines? Because if more is better, too much is just right.

Oh yeah, Bob is also retired rocket scientist!

The Foxjet Twin-jet Sailplane

There is nothing else like it! The Foxjet is a lightweight sailplane originally designed for glider flight. The addition of two TJ-100 jet engines transforms this graceful bird into a screaming low-level aerobatic machine. Tow plane? We don’t need no stinkin’ tow plane!

Utilizing its powerful jet engines, the FoxJet roars through high-speed aerobatic climbs, spectacular sailplane aerobatics, and low-level maneuvers. The FoxJet cavorts at near-ground level with loops, rolls, hammerheads, spins and vertical penetration never before dreamed of by a sailplane.

Get Your Tickets Early

Join us at the Abbotsford Airport this August 9-11 for a weekend of unforgettable aerial performances, static aircraft displays, delicious food, and family-friendly activities. And, of course, take the chance to witness the extraordinary feats of Melissa Burns, a true icon in the world of aviation and extreme.