CT-33 Silver Star

The CT-33 Silver Star is the Canadian variant of the Shooting Star – a jet trainer used by the RCAF for more than 50 years from 1952 to 2005. With its subsonic speed and smooth flight characteristics, the T-Bird is an excellent air show platform. In fact, the RCAF operated the CT-33 as an official aerobatic demonstration team known as the “Red Knight” between 1958-1969. This aerobatic demonstration similarly showcases the maximum performance and graceful beauty of the T-Bird.

At the controls is Robert “Scratch” Mitchell. Born in Victoria and now a resident of Vancouver, Scratch is a third-generation Canadian fighter pilot with over 6500 hours flying in jets including the CF-18 Hornet. No stranger to air shows, Scratch was a team lead with the Snowbirds and also flew the vintage F-86 “Hawk One” Sabre. In addition to flying air shows, Scratch now works in film and television including aerial filming in jet aircraft.