Abbotsford International Airshow Society names Dave Reith Executive Director

October 10, 2022


The Board of Directors of the Abbotsford International Airshow Society is pleased to announce the appointment of Dave Reith to the newly-created role of Executive Director. Dave has been a staff member of the Abbotsford International Airshow since 2017, has managed the organization’s operations since 2018 and was previously a dedicated volunteer of the show. Throughout his tenure Dave has modernized many aspects of the Airshow Society’s operations and strategies, and introduced new, innovative elements to the event. “On behalf of the AIAS Board, we welcome Dave Reith to his new role and know we will be in good hands as we continue to put on a world class event here in Abbotsford. His innovative thinking and understanding of the challenges ahead make him a very qualified person to propel us forward”, said Board Chair, Stacey Irwin.

Dave Reith takes over from Jim Reith who has been President of the Airshow Society since 2013. Jim, a former military and airline pilot, joined the Airshow as a Flying Events more than twenty years ago and previously served as the event’s Air Boss. Jim led the Airshow team through safe and successful Airshows and navigated significant organizational challenges including US Sequestration and the COVID-19 pandemic. Jim’s close relationships throughout aviation, along with his diligence working with key stakeholders in industry and the government have been of significant benefit to the successful production of the Abbotsford International Airshow for many years. The Airshow celebrated key achievements this past August thanks to Jim’s direction, including a sellout crowd, and impressive new elements including an immersive STEM Zone and the debut of a very well received LED Drone Show. Although stepping down as President, Jim will continue to work with the Airshow as its Flight Operations Director. “The AIAS Board is grateful and appreciative for Jim’s leadership, knowledge and experience these many years,” said Irwin. We were lucky to have him in the role of President and where we are today is largely in part to his contributions and his team. Thank you Jim and we look forward to working with you in your new capacity.”

Over the past 60 years, the Airshow has become woven into the fabric of the community itself. In addition to the substantial economic benefits the AIrshow has provided to the area, generations of residents speak fondly of childhood memories made at the show. Dave Reith says he is excited to continue the Airshow’s work, showcasing the best in aviation and inspiring attendees to follow their dreams in the sky. “The mission remains the same, but we will continue to look at new and innovative ways to achieve them and continue to serve our community – supporting local charities and service groups, attracting tourists, and helping local businesses thrive. I am particularly excited to continue growing our STEM education initiatives and believe they will inspire more than a few future pilots, engineers and aerospace professionals.”